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[Posted by Nirvana star on November 30th, 2014, 1:55 pm]

Bowser switched to FaceKoop anyway.


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[Posted by Extremmefan on December 1st, 2014, 2:47 pm]

@Nirvana star: I spot a Kirby reference... Kirby Adventure reference, to be exact.
(Also, yay for MarioFanboy001!)
EDIT: Third edit in a row! I sense a Twitter (maybe?) and a Facebook references.


[Posted by Luigi_96 on December 1st, 2014, 3:23 pm]

"Except when Kirby had it"


[Posted by Koopario on December 1st, 2014, 6:13 pm]

@Luigi_96: "Also it can be used to seal away the evil Nightmare"


[Posted by Extremmefan on December 2nd, 2014, 5:35 am]

The Star Haven (Heaven? I can't really tell) is, in fact, the Fountain of Dreams... That, or there's two Star Rods.


[Posted by plasma_knight303 on December 11th, 2014, 7:48 am]

Mario has a Skype?

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